Ag-Oriented Websites Worth Visiting

National Weather Service/Sacramento Forecast Discussion Page. A candid look at developing weather patterns, this page is an introduction to the forecasting science...and the guesswork that goes into it.


NWS Doppler Radar/Sacramento Valley. Quick loading view of rainstorms over our area.


Hourly Air Pollution/Ozone Pictures. A graphic, map-based representation of where pollution levels are rising during the day in the summer in the Sacramento Valley. Updated each hour. Helpful for those who need to curtail outdoor activities during periods of high ozone.


California Irrigation Management Information Systems. Local evapotranspiration rates, soil temperatures and more can be found here.


UC Pomology Weather Services. How many chilling hours has your county had this year? Besides important weather information for fruit and nut tree growers, this site has a very complete database for planting, growing, harvesting and marketing any tree-borne crop.


The Integrated Pest Management Project. Sponsored by UC Davis, this page offers a complete range of insect, disease and weed control options for farmers. Easy to use and understand.


UC Vegetable Research Information Center. If it's grown in California, this site has the information, ideal for the farmer and marketer.


Insect Images. Trying to ID a good bug or bad bug. Match it up with the mug shots here. A joint project of The Bugwood Network, The University of Georgia and the USDA Forest Service.


Plant Photos from the Digital Library Project. From UC Berkeley


Crop Data Managment Systems. This Marysville-based organization features a wide assortment of ag chemical label information.


UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Publications Catalog. A collection of books, slides, videotapes and brochures that are helpful for anyone in agriculture. Many are available in both English and Spanish.


The Small Farm Center. Provides production and marketing information to farmers not reached by traditional extension programs. For small-scale, family-owned or managed farms or markets, often with limited resources. They work closely with farmers' market organizations to ensure alternative and profitable market access for small- and moderate-sized producers.


University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program. Assists California farmers and ranchers in understanding, developing and implementing sustainable production and marketing systems.


California Integrated Waste Management Board's Source List for Mulch and Compost.


Peaceful Valley Farm Supply Catalog. Organic information galore!


California Certified Organic Farmers.