Farmer Fred's Tomato and Pepper Garden/2005


Sun Sugar cherry (very sweet, a taste test winner)

Azoychka (small yellow beefsteak, a Russian heirloom)

Brandywine OTV (Off The Vine heirloom)

Roma paste tomato (favorite for canning and sauces)

Ace-High Improved VFFNA Hybrid (determinate, 10 oz fruit)

Celebrity VFFNTA Hybrid (still my favorite big tomato)

Sweet Million FNT Hybrid (very sweet, very prolific cherry tomato)


Peppers, Sweet:

Red Marconi (7 in.-long Italian pepper)

Giant Marconi (2001 All America Selection Winner)

Gypsy (1981 All America Selection Winner)

Jimmy Nardello (6 to 8 inches long, one inch wide; a favorite)


Peppers, Warm to Hot:

Aji Dulce #2 (looks like a Habanero, but just a hint of heat)

Nu Mex Joe E. Parker (great for roasting, just a bit of warmth)

Anaheim, long red (great for nachos)

Inferno (not quite as hot as its name. a Hungarian wax pepper that is tasty)


Dan Vierria, Sacramento Bee Garden Writer, has these in his 2005 tomato garden:

Marianna's Peace (1-2 lb. pink-red beefsteak)

Brandywine Sudduth's Strain (1-2 lb. pink beefsteak)

Belgium Giant (1-2 lb. Dark pink, low acid and mild flavor)

Delicious (2 lb. beefsteak, world record for largest tomato)

Omar's Lebanese (1-2 lb. pink beefsteak)

Pineapple (red-yellow heirloom, up to 2 lbs.)

Caspian Pink (Russian heirloom, 10-12 oz.)

Black Krim (Russian heirloom, 10-12 oz., dark brown-red)

Isis Candy (Yellow-gold cherry tomato)

Brandy Boy (pink beefsteak from Burpee)

Better Boy (good slicing tomato, 12-16 oz.)

Celebrity (1984 All-America Selections Winner)

Sun Gold (bright orange cherry tomato, very sweet)